Is your accountant ‘cloud accounting-ready’?

New research from software provider Quickbooks has revealed that a large number of accountants are still not prepared to adopt cloud accounting.

The report comes shortly after the launch of MT Cloud, Moore Thompson’s new cloud accounting solution for clients.

The poll shows that some 30 per cent of accountants are unclear about what cloud accounting entails, while a further 23 per cent say none of their clients use cloud accounting software.

Furthermore, around a third of accountants cite changing client behaviour, such as online software training and digital record keeping, as their top concern. This is despite two-fifths of accountants seeing cloud accounting as an opportunity, rather than a threat. Likewise, a quarter acknowledge that cloud accounting allows for faster and more efficient workstreams.

Nick Williams, of Intuit QuickBooks, said: “Accounting has historically been an exercise of looking in the rearview mirror, but cloud technology empowers accountants with real-time insights that can be used to transform their role from bookkeeper to financial advisor.

“Introducing new client behaviour, educating staff and taking a proactive approach to forthcoming legislation isn’t always easy, but the time to get ahead is now.”

Need a hand with cloud accounting?

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